Renaud Garcia-Fons

Prelude to an Oriental piece (work recording session) by Renaud Garcia-Fons

Enregistrement d'une session de travail (prélude à une composition orientale en duo avec la luthiste Claire Antonini)Work session recording (prelude to an oriental piece un duet with Claire Antonini, baroque luth.

Posted by Renaud Garcia-Fons on Sunday, May 27, 2018

Ausgesprochen ultra geiler Klang!

Play for two cable channels, the Soviet washbasin, two trash cans, a duvet cover and a plumbing pipe

The play for two cable channels, the Soviet washbasin, two trash cans, a duvet cover and a plumbing pipe… Legend.(The Moon's Own Consciousness) And when he fell to the ground the last petal, it was quiet. Silently they sat in the boat. And then one of them, whose name meant, "he who looks at the water circles," and his second name was the Son of the WANDERER, said, "my Brother, I dropped a ring in the stream. What do I do?. . My brother, I dropped the water in the stream. What do I do?». The second said, "looked Like your ring? What did it look like you lost?". "It's like the four rhymes you gave me, my friend." "My brother, why did you wear them on one finger?". "I'm sorry, but I couldn't decide how to dispose of your gift – … And then one whose name was Hazarai Duunuud Ashagnasha ("Earth Song Listener") took his bow and shot an arrow at the spirit of water. And water brought the darkness and the warm smell of the earth. "My brother, darkness has the form of a cloud. And my ring is only a faint scent of flowers and the moon's reflection in the dark waters." And again shot an arrow Ashagnasha, and said, "This is the moon of my mind. And here I am, racing with the moon.". The old wisdom says: "when the cloud does not stand above the mountain, then the light of the moon furrows the waters of the lake." But what if you're sitting in a boat pulled up on the beach sand?

Posted by Evgeny Masloboev on Monday, April 9, 2018